Mirabelle Kowl


For me, first of all, the Plan Mimosa is a quest for the Sun… that ball of fire that warms and shines for all of us. Cool! Love it!

I have four wonderful children, a husband full of ideas, two cats, yin and yang, and a dog that is sometimes a tornado… of kindness.

I love animals and especially their babies… so cute!

I like to sleep and besides, I can be in a awful mood if you don’t let me sleep enough… Ouch!

I enjoy martial arts. I currently practice aikido and karate. I also regularly ride my bike… to the delight of our dog!

In order for my brain not to fall too much asleep, in addition to homeschooling, I study Chinese, slowly but surely, at a rate of a few minutes a day… My level is currently not very high, but I’m looking forward to the idea that one day I can pass official HSK exams. To be continued…

Our somewhat original way of life appeals to me. It provides both a form of change of scenery and stability… and this is pleasant geographically and linguistically. However, I do not forget that our “climate migrations” are, above all, the best way we found to preserve the health of our family’s captain…

That’s all for this brief summary. Goodbye and good sun to all!


Seek the secret!