Jean-Henri (Jenri) KOWL

Born in 1972, I am the father of the Family and the main editor of this blog. I have type 2 Spinal Muscular Atrophy (Type 2 SMA), a genetic disease that currently offers no alternative but a very slow but inexorable degeneration of my general condition.

To give you an idea, I can say that I’ve never walked. In my first year of life, I looked like any baby. At the age of 10, I could carry my glass of milk with one hand. When I was 20, I used to lift a beer with both my arms. At the age of 30, I also had to rest my elbows on a table and, since about 40 years old, I have been drinking my beer with a straw…

On a physical level, we can therefore say that I am waiting for medicine, genetics, nanotechnology or other discoveries to one day stop the negative evolution of this disease. My condition gets worse as time goes by, and if I were offered today the opportunity to age normally, like you and… you, I would sign without hesitation!

On an intellectual level, the situation is quite different! In fact, I feel like I’ve always been between 20 and 30 years old! When I was a child, I was said to be mature for my age and, today, I appear to be a big kid, looking for the next opportunity to have fun ­čÖé Well, it must be said, in my defense, that I am well helped in this task by my four children ­čśÇ

On a professional level, it is clear that my lack of mobility has not helped me much. However, I climbed the academic ladder to university and then did various jobs, mainly in the field of consulting and coaching. Today, pushed by friends who ask me to share my unique life experience and original ways of solving problems on a larger scale, I have undertaken to share this in a relaxed way, via a YouTube vlog, as well as through motivation and coaching conferences. I am still at the very beginning of this new adventure, so stay tuned, because any evolution or change of direction is still possible!

My current motto:

“When I can do it, I do it; and when I can’t, I do it anyway, but differently!”


Seek the secret!