Odrey (2003)

Written in French by Odrey, January 31, 2015, translated by Jenri.

Hi, I’m Odrey!!! I am 11 years old and I live in Switzerland and Spain. I have a little brother and two little sisters, so I’m the greatest. I love them a lot and my parents too. We are doing homeschooling and it’s so cool! We can be more time with the family, we have more freetime, we can go abroad, we can wake up later… Anyway, it’s much better 🙂

I like: homeschooling, chocolate, fruits and vegetables, meat, sweets, sun, snow, animals, etc.

I do not like: spinach, spiders Brrr, mosquitoes, people who annoy me, etc.

When I’ll be grown up, I want to be an actress 😀


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