Vehicles, vectors of Freedom

We want to travel, and to make this project come true, a vehicle is essential…

I am personally passionate by the Automobile in general and by driving in particular. This goes against various principles that I may have, including that of respecting the environment, but nobody is perfect, isn’t it?

Mirabelle, meanwhile, sees cars as a way to move from point A to point B, where a public transport does not allow it. However, if there is a possibility to live in a vehicle, it becomes much more interesting. That said, driving is not her passion at all. Also, it seems clear that this pleasure will be mine one day …

Unfortunately, as you can understand by reading the article located HERE, I do not yet have any adapted vehicle. When this gap will be filled, we would love to buy a second hand caravan, and install the various elements described in another article you’ll find HERE. Then, our travel plans could come true!

Today, waiting for the vehicle I’ll drive myself be ready, knowing that it can unfortunately take several more years, we decided to move towards a transitional solution. This is actually a van we’re going to equip ourselves, to spend a few days away from home. Specifically, we will install a bed (homemade), chemical toilets and a ceiling rail system to transport me from the wheelchair to the bed or the toilet. Mirabelle will drive this vehicle, which is why we consider this solution as “provisional”.

In fact, we have already found a used van. This is a 1992 Ford Transit 100L, high roof and counting 113,000 km on the clock. Despite these rather impressive numbers, this vehicle is in good condition because he belonged to the police, who has a maintenance service very efficient. As usual, I had to look far and struggle to find and buy this great opportunity, but it was worth it! In addition, so that police officers do not freeze during radar checks, they had the good idea to install an auxiliary heater, which is a plus for us.

Ford Transit

The ramps

We’re looking forward to test the camping version of our Ford Transit ­čÖé


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