Wishes 2004

Each family member sends you his wishes for 2004 and presents you his good resolutions, from the oldest to the youngest…

Jenri, the husband, the dad, the one who manages the family’s agenda… and a number of other things:


“During the year 2004, I intend to continue to seek a way of not being financially dependent on the state. The task is not the easiest, given the many limiting factors that litter my way, but I am, however, very confident. I also want to continue the adventure of this blog, and if all goes as planned, to offer you our first travelogues…”

Mirabelle, the wife, the mother, the shy, the one without whom so many things would be impossible:


“I want to end once and for all my university studies in 2004. I also plan to catch any opportunity to go for a walk with Alcaline and Odrey, because I love that!”

Didi, the pussy cat, tireless hunter that nothing scares, the one that makes such beautiful kittens:


“In 2004, I’ll try not to bring too many trophies at home. It seems that this is not very popular… I’ll also try to do some pretty kittens that Jenri will sell very very expensive… to reimburse pet doors they installed for me.”

Alcaline, the little dog, faithful and obedient companion, the one whose speed on the field is matched only by softness in hugs:


“For the new year, I promise to continue to play well my alarm role, without abusing of course. I will show enthusiasm when one will ask me to jump in the lake or to pick up the pen Jenri would have let fall down. I’ll also try not to frighten the Rottweilers who will approach too close from my boss, for it appears that it can be dangerous… yet, the last time, it worked well!?!”

Odrey, the girl, the pride of his mom and the treasure of his dad, the one that gave us the right to qualify us of a “Family”:


“Aheuu, uuuaaeuu, rrraah, aaheeuuuu …” We are sorry, but she does not speak our dialect yet 😉

Again, all our wishes to all of you, who visit this website and, thereby, give it its reason to exist!

Jenri and Family