Our civil wedding

Finding this date pretty and because you always need an excuse to get married, we decided to unite officially the 02.02.02.

We decided that a bit at the last minute. Also, knowing that it was “only” the administrative part and that we had the intention to organize a big party a year later, we actually have invited “only” those who were free this day to testify of our civil union. However, against all expectations, this so called “only” soon turned into “50 people”!



This Saturday, February 2, 2002 was the warmest on record for nearly fifty years, so we were able to take beautiful photos outside.



Then we shared a cocktail-dinner on the go in our flat, where diners dressed up shoveling themselves their carrots did not fail to add some color to this day that already not lacked. Mirabelle played a piece harp before the stunned guests.

02.02.02_006    02.02.02_005

Finally, we set an appointment with all the guests on the 01.02.03, for a big party!


P.S. Sorry for the size and poor quality of the photos, but it's getting old ­čśÇ

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