Our Wedding: The Party

On Saturday, February 1, 2003, as planned for over a year, we organized a big party for our wedding…

If the 152 guests were able to arrive with a clear and dry weather, they left in 15 centimeters (about 6 inches) of snow. However, this does not prevent us from living an exciting night.

As we have little money, we ask guests to bring good things to eat for the dessert. We take this opportunity to thank them again. We have brought the drinks (tap water, syrups, wines, beers, teas and coffees) and the main course (green salad, minced chicken with curry and rice prepared by Mirabelle).

Always animated by the desire to create original things, we decided to do everything ourselves (ceremony, food, entertainment, etc.), apart from the desert. The evening program was relatively busy, but we managed to meet our “schedule” although the launch of dancing was a bit delayed by the monopolization of the groom 😉

In the morning, our friend Lionel helped us to place the 152 chairs facing the stage. Xavier, meanwhile, provided a projector and a large screen that measures about 5 meters (16.5 feet) diagonally.

After a welcome drink, the wedding ceremony began. I launched a first slide containing the ceremony. In fact, Mirabelle and I filmed, image by image, a small wooden man.


Then I made a montage on my computer, to obtain animated sequences of our “master of ceremony”. After writing the text, I have read and recorded on the computer, and modified it so we can’t immediately recognize my voice, that I gave to the wooden man. This little fellow has married us and presented different sequences of photographs. Then Woody, the wooden man, called the witnesses on the stage and ordered the groom to kiss the bride, under a thunderous applause. Finally, Woody expressed the desire to go for a beer and left the screen, inviting the public to get a drink 😀

It’s needless to say that Mirabelle and I have not seen the appetizer happen, because to receive the congratulations of 150 people can’t be done in two minutes… especially since everyone seemed very impressed with the clothes of the bride, which she designed herself!


Then a small “improvised” session of photos took place on the edge of the stage.

152 invités152 guests!

After the photos, they all sat down to attend two more Power Points, retracing our respective lives. These projections on a giant screen, accompanied by stirring music, have contributed to the great success of the night.


After these intense moments and while Mirabelle, her sister, her brother, her cousins and some friends were busy in the kitchen, I have showed a plan on the big screen, so that some of the guests were able to put the tables in place in a record time.


Everyone sat and the waltz of self-service started. As expected, Mirabelle has been active in the service and I’ve placed myself behind the buffet tables. Thus, we were able to see and talk again with each of the guests.


As proposed in the invitations, the guests had the opportunity to introduce a magic trick, a piano piece, a game or a small personal discourse. The principle has worked very well and we again thank those who had the courage to go on stage in front of so many people.

Le magicien

Before and during the dessert, we used the screen a last time to project karaoke lyrics. The atmosphere was great, despite concerns that smokers reported on their faces after having noticed the 15cm (~6ft) of snow fell overnight. This, however, was quickly forgotten thanks to the delicious desserts!


Finally, we have opened the dance, staging the groom in a similar style to the one of Arthur Fonzarelli (Fonzy) in “Happy Days” 🙂




The party ended and the guests went home… Thank you all for helping to make this day a memorable success.


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